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Copytype’s range of document scanners helps users to rapidly convert their documents or text from paper form into digital data. This greatly reduces the time and labour needed to transform information from paper to electronic,  making it easy to manage, distribute, store and retrieve your valuable business documents.

Our range of Document Scanners makes it easy to integrate high-speed scanning into your document management system, speeding up workflow and enabling users to capture, convert and distribute scanned information in virtually any document repository or document management system.

Epson DS-780N
Epson Flatbed Scanner

Flatbed Scanners

Ideal for businesses who require easy document capture and conversion thanks to high-quality CCD technology and powerful imaging features using software included. These scanners are specifically designed to accommodate documents individually and are ideal for users with specific capture needs, such as scanning bound materials and thick or fragile documents. These scanners can be easily integrated into vertical applications thanks to TWAIN, ISIS and WIA support.

Whatever your application we have the Scanner for you.

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