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Public Bodies Printing Solutions


Public Bodies Sector

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Key Concerns Are:

By their very nature, cutting costs, removing waste and security are all crucial factors for Public Bodies when making decisions on budget allocation.

Spending public funds is a serious matter, so safeguards and assurances need to be in place before committing funds.

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Right Device, Right Place.

Following a complimentary Print Audit, opportunities for cost and waste reduction can be identified.

Our solutions put the right device in the right location. Following a complimentary Print Audit, opportunities for cost and waste reduction are identified.

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Framework Approved Supplier.

Ensure peace of mind that you are partnering with an approved supplier.

Within these agreements, we can supply all public sector organisations across the Ireland, including the HSE, Local Authorities, Education, Charities, Blue Light Organisations and Housing Associations.

How Managed Print Services Benefit The Public Bodies Sector

At CopyType, we have worked with a range of organizations across the public sector to help streamline their printing processes in house. With highly efficient managed print solutions, we work with you to cut costs, reduce waste and improve workflow. Regain control over your environment with CopyType, we’ll conduct thorough assessments and audits to review your current environment, and simply provide recommendations on how we can enhance and optimise the environment based on your requirements.

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