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Healthcare Printing Solutions


Healthcare Sector

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Key Considerations Are:

Cutting costs, Removing waste, Support and Security. Key to the printing solutions are compliance and compatibility with core Healthcare IT platforms.

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Right Device, Right Place.

Our solutions put the right device in the right location. Following a complimentary Print Audit, opportunities for cost and waste reduction are identified.

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Print Management.

Security is a critical to Healthcare printing, so this is a fundamental consideration when considering change. Print Management ensures only the right person can collect their printed documents.

How Managed Print Services Benefit The Healthcare Sector

Healthcare providers across Ireland face pressures every single day, and IT infrastructure should not be one of them. As a managed print solutions partner, we have already achieved  Approved Supplier status, meaning you can trust our reliable, efficient, high performing products and solutions when you need them most. The healthcare industry is a demanding environment for everyone involved, which is why you need a robust, reliable managed print solution in place that meets your requirements.

Every aspect of your printing requirements are catered for including compliant and compatible devices for specific tasks such as prescription printing.

Healthcare print management makes printing tasks easier and more accessible. From ensuring patient data is safe and secure, to printing documents quickly, storing them on the cloud, and reducing paper waste to support greener practices. This is your one-stop solution. Our team work closely with you to review your existing print environment, conduct thorough audits and provide recommendations for a more secure and optimized environment. This includes providing you with the latest, innovative equipment, maintenance, training and ongoing support.

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