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Educational Print Services


Education Sector

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Reduce Waste.

Let us help you get rid of the paper recycling bin sitting by your printer. Secure release and managed print solutions ensure the print jobs are delivered securely to the right person, when they are needed, and automatically converted to greyscale where appropriate. Educational printing services evolve just as you do.

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Simplify Use.

A Managed Print Solution means that Schools IT overhead for printing, copying and scanning is massively reduced. Students have only one printer to choose, but can collect their work at any device, scans are automatically sent to their correct network folder or email, and scans are converted so they can extract text and reuse. All seamlessly.

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End to End Secuirity.

Integrate with existing biometrics, PIN, network authentication or contactless cards to ensure all activity is secure and visible for reporting.

Framework Approved contracts giving Schools and Further/Higher Education the peace of mind that we have been through an extensive Government  supplier approval process.

How Managed Print Services Benefit The Education Sector

We provide a range of bespoke print management solutions for the education sector, including schools colleges and universities. It’s our focus to reduce the complexities of managing a large network of printers in busy, demanding environments. In addition, we’re here to support evolving environments while making it much smoother, and more efficient. Education print management is designed to reduce paper waste, toner waste and give you more control over printing, with features such as Secure Print and Pull Printing considered a given.

Furthermore, you can ensure users are printing responsibly and that data is safe and secure, in a convenient, hassle free way. 

Our managed print solutions for education works to encourage users to print what they need from high specification printers, wherever they are. Our team work closely with you to review your existing print environment, conduct thorough audits and provide recommendations for a more secure and optimised environment. This includes providing you with the latest, innovative equipment, maintenance, training and ongoing support, plus Fleet Management and out of term time Preventative Maintenance to minimise disruption and maximise performance.

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