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Ransom Care

A containment solution to stop Ransomware, acting as a new last line of defence against cyber attacks.

Protect your business from malicious ransomware with RansomCare. Developed for all business sizes, our military-grade solution used by UK and US governments gives business leaders the highest confidence and security available on the market.

It’s designed to put you on the front foot, containing any viruses that manage to break through your traditional perimeter defence head-on, before they bring your system and business to a standstill. It uses automated built-in scripts to hunt down and contain any intruder, locking down any files and devices that have been infected, stopping the attack in its tracks and preventing any possible business lockdown.

Start with a personalised demo
Experience first-hand RC’s unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness via an online demonstration. The presentation and demo will take 45-60 minutes, during this time we will showcase a number of ransomware outbreaks and the methods Ransomcare uses to detect and stop them.
At a glance;
  • Ransomware attacks increased 7-fold (715%) over the last year

  • 4% of data lost in an attack is unrecoverable

  • Average cost of a ransomware attack is £130k on mid-size businesses

  • Perimeter-based defences against ransomware attacks are no longer enough

  • And the fallout from attacks goes beyond the financial, negatively impacting your reputation and ability to hire the best talent

  • Taking a proactive approach is the most effective way to secure your systems

  • Installation is quick and easy and is completed off-site, meaning minimal disruption to the business

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 4.32.33 PM.png


  • Complete ransomware prevention

  • Remote installation alongside your IT professionals

  • Free proof-of-value trial installation. You and your employees won’t need to leave their office/home

  • GDPR-compliant automatic response form created when an attack is attempted and prevented

  • Training that will result in your IT professionals becoming RansomCare experts

  • Immediate notifications alerting when an attack is attempted

  • User-friendly apps available on many devices

  • A presentable dashboard of all ransomware protection-related activity


  • Ransomware mitigation removes the risk of business shutdown and reputational damage that many other companies have experienced

  • Ensure trading continues, despite an attack

  • User error in downloading ransomware files mitigated

  • Prevents ransom demands from the growing number of attackers, preying on vulnerable traditional perimeter-based IT security systems

  • Acts in addition to and alongside your existing IT security

  • Stronger compliance procedures

  • Knowledgeable IT employees on the important subject of ransomware

  • Easy to use and always accessible

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